My Account & My Orders

  1. What is the use of ‘My Account’? How can I update the information in ‘My Account’?

‘My Account’ enables you to control all your account transactions on www.sevenmantras.com. It maintains an updated record of your personal information and online shopping activities, and enables you to track orders placed with Seven Mantra.

Editing and managing the Seven Mantra account is very easy. Apart from dealing with the personal details like address, phone number and email ID, you can also change the account password and keep your information secured.

  1. How do I check my order confirmation?

Once you order something, the request is processed and the receipt of the order is confirmed by the seller by sending an email containing the order number, all the details of the order along with the estimated date, day or time of delivery. The confirmation of the shipment will also be provided to you by us through an email. You can also access ‘My Account’ and visit the ‘My Orders’ page to see the progress of your order.

3.Is it possible to place an order for 'Out of Stock' goods?

Unfortunately, the items that are ‘out of stock’ are not available with us at that moment. However, the product can be added to the ‘My Wish List’ as a future requirement under ‘My Account’. Seven Mantra will notify you through an email when that particular item is available for sale.


  1. Why is the same product available at different prices?

Depending upon the schemes and special offers running for a product at a particular time, it could be listed at different prices, which will always be less as compared to the market prices.

5.Is it compulsory to open an account with www.sevenmantras.com before shopping?

Having a Seven Mantra account for shopping is not a mandatory requirement. You can shop at www.sevenmantras.com just by making use of your email ID. However, creating a Seven Mantra account will prove beneficial for you as well as for us as we would be able to serve you better by keeping you abreast with the latest products and offers, so that there aren’t any possibilities of you missing the chance of being healthier. It also helps you review as well as rate the products available on our site and help us improvise over a period of time.


  1. What are the modes of payment available for Seven Mantra shopping?

www.sevenmantras.com provides you with a wide range of convenient modes of payment. You can use net banking, debit card, credit card or the most accepted, Cash on Delivery (COD) option. www.sevenmantras.com works with trusted payment gateway partners who use secure encryption techniques for keeping your banking details secure and protected every time.

7.Does www.sevenmantras.com shopping involve paying any hidden charges (Octroi or Sales Tax)?

Apart from the tax imposed by the government, there are no hidden charges on any product you purchase from www.sevenmantras.com However, there may be variations in the delivery charges for distributing the international orders.

  1. What exactly is COD (Cash-on-delivery)?

If you feel sceptical about making a payment through debit/credit card or net banking before the product reaches you, www.sevenmantras.com makes it easier by providing the option of paying cash on delivery. In simple words, it means making the payment when goods actually reach your doorstep. You need not pay anything extra or in advance for availing the benefit of COD method.

  1. How do I pay using a credit/debit card?

Debit Card – For making a payment with your debit card, you require the card number, the issue or expiry date and the 3 digit CVV number given on the rear side of your card. After keying-in these details, you will be directed to the webpage of the bank, where you’d need to enter the internet banking password and proceed to complete the payment process.
Credit Card – Similar to debit card, the payment through a credit card also requires card number, issue/expiry date and the 3-digit CVV number written at the back of your card. After furnishing these details, the page is directed to the bank’s website, where you need to input the 3D secure password and make the payment.

  1. Is paying through credit/debit card on www.sevenmantras.com a safe process?

Any transactions made at www.sevenmantras.com are totally safe and secure as we use a secure gateway and encryption techniques for facilitating the online payment process.

  1. What measures does www.sevenmantras.com take for stopping card fraud?

Seven Mantra completely understands the seriousness of having a full-fledge fraud detection as well as resolution procedure. We, along with our payment gateway partners, constantly observe each and every transaction for spotting any apprehensive activity and flag all the potential deceitful transactions for further manual inspection. .

At times when the inspection team is unable to clear the transaction from the fraud category, that particular transaction is not processed further and the customers are requested to furnish their ID proof. It helps us in ascertaining that the shopping was done by the actual holder of the credit card. Any kind of embarrassment or inconvenience caused to the customers is apologised for and the customers are requested to bear with the process which is in the larger interest of the online shoppers..

  1. What is a 3D secure password?

3D Secure Password is an initiative of MasterCard and VISA companies in association with the banks issuing cards under the ‘MasterCards Securecode’ and ‘Verified by VISA’ services. This password is created by the card holders when shopping for the first time online and helps in eliminating the chances of misuse of the card for online purchases.

13.How to get a 3D secure password for my card?

You can easily register your unique 3D secure password on the respective bank’s website. Alternatively, you can also get a 3D secure password registered in the window that appears when you shop for the first time using your card. .

  1. Can I use my bank's Internet Banking feature to make a payment?

Yes Seven Mantra offers you the convenience of placing an order through internet banking.

  1. Can I use my phone for making a payment via internet banking or credit/debit card at www.sevenmantras.com?

Yes, it is possible to make use of internet banking or credit/debit card payment gateway from your mobile and make the payment for shopping on www.sevenmantras.com in a safe and secure manner.

Gift Voucher

  1. How can I purchase or gift an e-Gift Voucher?

The payment page of Seven Mantra highlights a tab named ‘buy e-Gift Voucher’. Provide your personal details, if you want to buy, or the details of the person to whom you want to gift the voucher, enter the value of the voucher you want to purchase and proceed further for making the payment.

  1. Can I make purchases through e-Gift Vouchers? Do they have an expiry date?

Yes. You just need to enter the voucher code in the place provided on the payment page. e-Gift vouchers have an expiry date, which is specified on the back of the voucher.

  1. Do you allow using promotional codes and e-Gift Vouchers together?

Yes, by all means, you can use both vouchers and promotion codes together.

  1. Is there a limit on the number of e-Gift vouchers to be used on a single order?

No, there is no such limit. You can use as many vouchers to make purchases in a single order.


  1. Are there any delivery charges?

www.sevenmantras.com provides free of cost delivery of products to your doorstep. In case Seven Mantra is to charge for the delivery expenses on any product, you will be notified at the time of the purchase, well before making the payment.

  1. By when can I expect the products to be delivered?

Seven Mantra takes a window of 7 to 10 days for delivering the products, but over 70% of deliveries are made within 3 to 4 days of an order placement.

  1. How can I arrange for a pick-up if I intend to return any product?

You just need to contact us via email or phone for initiating the return process and we will arrange for the pick-up.

23.How do I track my order?

For tracking the delivery of your order, you just need to visit ‘My Orders’ option under ‘My Account’ and click the order status option next to the product you ordered. .


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